Weight Loss in St. Louis

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Weight Loss

Weight Loss in St. Louis

Many of us would benefit from losing our excess weight. This may improve our sense of feeling well along with looking better, making it easier to exercise, reducing stress on our joints, and for some reducing need for medication. The traditional wisdom has been that if you consume fewer calories than you burn up that you will lose weight [or if you eat more than you expend you will gain weight]. However it may be more complex than that. Gary Taubes in “Why We Get Fat” has proposed that insulin released in response to carbohydrate loads makes us store fat. Therefore he suggests that one should avoid carbs for breakfast. This simple change would maintain night time catabolism through the morning.

The South Beach type diets eliminate carbohydrates throughout the entire day which would be the more extreme version of this. Most of us would have trouble sticking with that plan, but may find it easier to get ourself to avoid carbs in the morning. This simple change can make a difference. Avoiding excess throughout the day and increasing regular exercise on top of that can be even more beneficial.

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