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Weight gain and pregnancy can stretch the skin and increase the amount of superficial fat in the abdomen.Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) removes skin and fat from the abdomen to tighten and flatten that area.A separation of midline muscles secondary to pregnancy called diastasis recti can be repaired at the same time.Any time skin is removed there is a scar, but the abdominoplasty scar is placed low at the bikini line and fades with time. Because the excess skin is removed, abdominoplasty is the procedure of choice when the skin has diminished elasticity.


Individuals who have lost significant weight through diet and exercise or through bariatric surgery may require a variety of body contouring techniques beyond liposuction and the standard abdominoplasty. If the excess skin and remaining fat is completely around the body then removal must be extended circumferentially [torsoplasty] to produce a uniform result. Significant skin and underlying remaining fat in the upper arm or in the thighs can be contoured by brachioplasty to recontour the arms and thigh lifts.Loss of breast volume with excess skin may require tightening that skin with or without the addition of implants.If there are multiple target areas, the procedures may be staged for better tolerance. Ideally, this procedure should be not be done during the major weight loss period, but rather elected by individuals who are close to their ideal weight to produce a better resultand a lower risk of complications. Insurers may cover body contouring procedures if there is an objective medical problem documented that is directly caused by the overhanging fat fold.


Liposuction is simply a method to remove fat without leaving significant scars in the skin. Fat is removed through a slim tube inserted through well-placed small openings.Liposuction requires a much shorter recuperation period than abdominoplasty and is often the procedure of choice in areas that cannot be easily hidden or in individuals who are not candidates for major surgery.The ideal patient for liposuction has good skin elasticity and localized excess fat. It is not a weight loss procedure but is effective when the goal is contouring.

Liposuction using a laser has the additional effect of heating the underside of the skin to promote skin tightening.To achieve skin tightening the target area must be raised to an appropriate temperature then suction applied. The Sciton TempAssure is the first device to allow direct simultaneous measurement of that temperature during the procedure to facilitate better results. With Laser liposuction the amount of skin tightening possible still varies with each individual.

*This information is for educational purposes and should not be relied on as medical advice. Any change in your medical care should be first discussed with your physician.

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