What’s the right treatment for breast cancer patients in St. Louis?

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Breast Cancer Breast Surgery

What’s the right treatment for breast cancer?

Today surgical treatment varies from modified radical mastectomy to skin sparing mastectomy, nipple sparing mastectomy and lumpectomy. Adjuvant treatment may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy or hormonal therapy. What is right for any one individual depends upon the tumor: the size, location, type, grade, if receptors are positive, if there evidence of spread locally, to regional lymph nodes, or beyond. Individuals differ in their age, health, medical history, family history of breast cancer, genetics, and their personal desires. Therefore the available options for treatment may be different from one person to another. Is the treatment consistent with the NCI [National Cancer Institute] guidelines? Are there randomized controlled studies to provide data behind the recommendations? How much is risk reduced? New treatments may be described on the internet and show promise, but currently lack the clinical research to determine the true efficacy of those techniques and long term survival. Fortunately in the St. Louis metropolitan area there are multiple well trained surgical oncologists, medical oncologists,and radiation oncologists. It is always reasonable to obtain a second opinion if desired.

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